Collaboration Can Work

In partnership with The F.A. and The Heart Foundation, Brixworth Juniors FC have been successful in supplying two brand new defibrillators to the people of Brixworth Village.

Club Secretary, Simon Compton, applied for and was granted funding for the defibrillators through The F.A. allowing them to be purchased at a massively reduced rate. In addition to this, after a successful Parish Council grant application, an external cabinet was also purchased which will mean one of the defibrillators can now be mounted in a location that is accessible to everyone in the village.

This fantastic outcome was only possible because of everyone working together towards a common goal. The fact that there will now be a defibrillator at both The Ashway and St Davids playing fields is testament to this.

Both these new defibrillators will be registered with the ambulance authority and are therefore available to all Brixworth residents and will be a potential life-line for those who live further away than the current one located on the external wall by the local library entrance.

Simon wishes to say a huge ‘heartfelt’ thank you to all those involved who helped to make this happen!