U7’s 1st Dallington Match Reports

The boys 1st league game had been at Goals astroturf pitches which are very different to playing on an open grass one with a slope. Straight from kick off the boys set about closing the opposition down with Rueben and Max breaking up the play in midfield excellently, this enabled Brixworth to start controlling the play and it wasn’t long before Joshua’s tireless running created an opening for himself that went just wide. Once the 1st goal went in there was only one team in it, whenever Kislingbury tried to develop an attack from the back Finley was setting about their defence like a terrier never giving them a moment to get a pass away, this allowed the rest of the team time and space to pick up the loose balls and create even more chances.  Alex was always at the heart of the action making some sublime turns and superb runs with the ball, his link up play and control in tight situations was fantastic.  Callum was then introduced and carried on Finley’s good work at the top of the pitch and it wasn’t long before both boys were on the scoresheet along with Joshua who clearly doesn’t like scoring an easy goal, having missed two getable chances he then managed to score one that he had no right to score!!
Brandon had made some forceful runs from the back and got himself on the scoresheet with an excellent solo effort, however despite his ventures upfield he never neglected his defensive duties and always made sure he got back in position to break up attacks which was really good to see. Throughout this poor Harry in Brixworth’s goal was in danger of being overcome with boredom but then suddenly Kislingbury had a breakaway attack and a goal bound shot was blocked and smothered quickly.  The goals kept coming and before long Finley had his 1st league hattrick and Callum with two goals to his name was pushing for his third, suddenly he broke through from the corner and his goal bound shot was deflected in, two hattrick’s………..unbelievable Jeff!!!
The game finished 8-0 and the boys were bouncing ready for the next challenge of the Falcons.
The Falcons
The Falcons had a big striker who had been the star of their previous game, Brandon took no time at all to introduce himself with two robust challenges in the opening two minutes that let him know we were no push overs. This was a tight game but gradually with hard work and closing down from Max and Reuben Brixworth started to get a foot hold. Joshua continued where he’d left off in the 1st game with some excellent runs down the wing with Alex making himself available for the resulting crosses…..and then a moment straight from the Barcelona training ground, Finley had ran the left channel taking defenders with him before a quick turn and pass to Joshua down the line who played a slide rule pass through to Alex who cooly finished, for boys of this age this was a superb standard of football and one of the best moves I’ve seen at Dallington. Towards the end of the half Harry was again looking a lonely  figure in the Brixworth goal but well stuck shot from distance tested him forcing a fine save. Half time 1-0 and we had dominated the 1st half and were fairly confident of finishing the job in the 2nd half, but we had underestimated the Falcons, right from the kick off they attacked forcing a save from Bradon.
That pretty much set the pattern of play for the 2nd half and on one of the next attacks Falcons scored an equaliser….would Brixworth heads drop? The pressure continued and Callum was told to stay up front while the rest of the team fought to hold on and try to get the ball up to him, with a minuet to go Callum broke through with the ball at his feet, a defender closing in and the keeper advancing from his line…..some how he managed to get his shot away which found the bottom corner, what a finish and what a game.