U7’s 4th Dallington Match Report

Sat 23rd Nov.

The start of a new mini-leauge and the boys were still undefeated in all of their Dallington matches, 1st up were FFA Black.

Match 1 vs FFA Black
Before the kick off all of the boys were talking about how good FFA Black were and how they were going to get beat which was really disappointing to hear so Tony delivered a pre-match team talk to try and cast all of the doubts away and focus their attention on our strengths and attributes.
From the kick off we didn’t show any of the confidence that has been a major part of our success as a team and gave the ball away very easily and we were finding ourselves pinned back in our own half. It wasn’t long before Harry was called upon to make the 1st of a string of fine saves but eventually they broke through with their 1st goal, FFA were a very well drilled team but we were the architects of our own downfall with some sloppy play at the back and the first half finished with us 5-0 down.

Half time and some desperate confidence building was needed, they had started the half scared of the opposition but had a chance in the second half to show what they were made of. From the re-start we played more like we have done in previous matches with Brandon and Ruben closing down and despite Joshua being under the weather he was really exerting himself up and down the pitch. Callum, Finley and Max came on and carried on where the others had left off and finally we were spending some time in the opposition half which was finally rewarded with Joshua bursting through on goal and scoring.

The final score was 7-1 but in the second half having lost our fear factor the boys have hopefully proven to themselves that they shouldn’t worry about any team in this league.

Match 2 vs Delapre Dragons
Next up were Delapre Dragons who we had already played at Goals in our 1st league match so we knew we were in for a physical contest, how would the boys react having suffered a bloody nose in the 1st game.

We were soon given the answer as the boys started at a much faster pace with two quick attacks, this was more like the Brixworth we knew with Brandon standing firm in defence and Ruben not only breaking up Delapre’s possession but also making a great run down the right wing which was fantastic to see. We were well on top but without a goal Brandon took matters into his own hands and picked up the ball in defence and made a typical bullish run into the oppositions area before slotting home and excellent goal.

Alex had played the 1st half in goal but then came out on pitch to get stuck into the action and grabbed our second to put us 2-0 up. Max had ran tirelessly and Joshua was nearly out on his feet when things were changed around which gave Callum a chance to make some of his mazy runs and pick up any loose balls.

Delapre its fair to say are quite a big physical side and considering he’s one of our smaller players Finley was bossing them in midfield, even with their bigger players trying to push him off the ball he gave it back with interest and never gave up.

Despite all off our hard work Delapre pulled two goals back to set up a tense finale, the ref had indicated there were 2mins left when the unthinkable happened and we found ourselves 3-2 down, 1min left and from the kick off our boys flooded forward in attack determine not to let all their hard work go to waste and Alex slotted home the equaliser, we had another chance after that but it ended 3-3 which was a great response from the 1st game.

Hopefully some lessons have been learned from the 1st game, all of our boys have got character and a fair bit of fight in them not to mention some damn good football skills and they shouldn’t fear any other team, this is something we’re trying to drill into them at training so we don’t get a situation where they’re coming into a game expecting to get thrashed. Everyone wants to win but ultimately its about them improving as young footballers and as a team.