Complaints Policy

It is recognised that within any organisation that differences and misunderstandings may arise, and this is no different within a football club, especially one as large as Brixworth Juniors.

We welcome any suggestions from parents and players on how we can improve our club, and we will give prompt and serious attention to any concerns that an individual may have. Any queries or concerns will be dealt with professionally and confidentially to ensure that any issues arising from them are handled sensitively and effectively to ensure the well-being of all children, enable ongoing cooperative partnership with parents and to continually improve the quality of the club.

We have a formal procedure for dealing with minor concerns to more serious complaints where we are not able to resolve these informally. Where any concern or complaint relates to child protection, we follow our Safeguarding Policy.

Parental/Player Complaint or Grievance Procedure.

Stage 1

If any parent or player should have cause for complaint, then they should in the first instance take it up with their team coach (if deemed appropriate). This will then hopefully be resolved to the parents/players satisfaction in an informal manner. The coach must report any such complaint to the club’s Welfare Officer.

(If the players’ coach is not the most appropriate person for the parent to approach or if the nature of the complaint is regarding a safeguarding/child protection concern, then they must approach the club Welfare Officer as a matter of urgency via email

Stage 2

If the issue remains unresolved or the parent/player feels they have received an unsatisfactory outcome, then these concerns must be presented in writing via the club’s “Complaints Form” and emailed to the club Secretary

The Secretary will then investigate the complaint confidentially and report back to the parent/player within seven working days. This will be fully documented in the clubs’ complaints logbook and will detail the nature of the complaint and any actions arising from it.

(Most complaints are usually resolved informally at stage 1 or 2.)

Stage 3

If the matter is still not resolved, it will be escalated to the club Chairperson and/or Vice Chairperson and a formal meeting will be held between the parent/player and the club Chairperson and/or Vice Chairperson to ensure that it is dealt with comprehensively. A record of the meeting will be made along with documented actions. All parties present at the meeting will review the accuracy of the record, sign to agree and receive a copy, which will signify the conclusion of the procedure. If deemed appropriate, the Chairperson may call a committee meeting to discuss the complaint.

Stage 4

If the matter cannot be resolved to their satisfaction, then parents/players have the right to raise the matter with the County Football Association.

Contact details for County FA:


Address: 9 Duncan Close, Red House Square, Moulton Park, Northampton, NN3 6WL
Tel: 01604 670741

In the event of a complaint being substantiated, the club’s Committee has the power to:

  1. (i)  Warn as to future conduct
  2. (ii)  Suspend from membership
  3. (iii)  Remove from membership any person found to have broken the Club’s Policies or Codes of Conduct

The club will also consider whether to consult or inform The FA in relation to any breach of FA rules or guidelines.

A record of complaints will be kept within the club. The record will include the name of the complainant, the nature of the complaint, date and time complaint received, action(s) taken, result of any investigations and any information given to the complainant including a dated response.

Coach/Assistant Coach Complaint or Grievance Procedure.

1) Any coach or assistant who has any cause for concern must raise this initially in an informal manner to the committee via the club’s welfare team

(If the coach/assistant coach’s concern or complaint is regarding a safeguarding/child protection concern, then they must approach the Club Welfare Officer as a matter of urgency via email

2) If after this initial conversation, the coach/assistant feels that that their complaint has not been taken seriously or resolved to their satisfaction then they must follow the complaints and grievance procedure above.

Any member of the committee who may have a conflict of interest with a parent/player/coach/assistant/parent helper will step aside and allow the next appropriate member of the committee to handle the complaint and escalate as necessary as per the stages of this policy